Applied Science and Humanities

  • Department of applied sci.

Salient features

  • The vision of the Applied Sciences and Humanities Department is to enhance the scientific temperament of the students through the knowledge of core courses such as Engineering
    Mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry.

  • Engineering Mathematics is an integral part of engineering. Engineering mathematics is the art of applying mathematics to complex real world problems. Engineering
    mathematics is having five highly qualified and experienced faculty members with two staff members registered for Ph.D. The department conducts lectures on quantitative aptitude from GATE
    examination point of view.

  • The Engineering Physics Laboratory is spacious and with separate dark room for optical experiments. The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments and enables students to
    understand the fundamentals of Engineering Physics. Engineering Physics is having qualified faculty member to provide the needs of the students and motivate them to develop their
    technical skills.

  • A fresh engineer is not only expected to know the basic principles of Engineering chemistry but also to apply the knowledge to technology and experimental conditions. Engineering chemistry
    laboratory is equipped with necessary instruments which are used for practicals. Engineering Chemistry is having one doctorate faculty member.

  • To protect the environment, need for sustainable development is key for today's generation. Environmental studies creat awareness about environmental problems. Simultaneously
    it provides the method to overcome these environmental issues. Recognizing the significance of the Environmental studies, this subject has been introduced at second year degree courses
    in all the disciplines. Department has specialized faculty for teaching Environmental studies.

  • The department has its own monitoring system i.e. 'Teacher Guardian' scheme which keep attention on attendance and academic performance of the students, which is monitored regularly
    and reports are sent to parents from time to time.

  • Unit tests, teacher evaluation components are conducted by department.

  • Department also arranges the effective Guest lectures for the personality development.

  • Applied sciences department has well equipped laboratories for

  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Basic Electrical Engineering.
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Well furnished Drawing Hall.
  • Computer Lab
  • Workshop