Department of civil engineering

  • Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is also known as the mother of all engineering. It is the oldest, broadest and useful of all engineering sciences.

Civil engineering is field of engineering sciences, related to design, construction and maintenance of buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, highways and other structures by the use of physical laws, mathematical equations and theories of mechanics. Civil Engineers utilize the available resources (expertise, materials, manpower) to complete the project in the given time span keeping in view the time, expenditure, environmental issues and physical hazards of the project.

A Civil Engineer is responsible for planning, design, construction and/or maintenance of structures. Civil Engineer can work in private constructions companies, governmental public works organizations or in universities as a research fellow or a teacher. A civil Engineer can be a surveyor, a technical report writer or even a project manager.

Scope of Civil Engineering:-

Due to increase in the scope of civil engineering with the passage of time, it has now got diversified into many branches of study. Some of the significant ones include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and a few more important areas of study.

Engineers are employed by a wide range of companies in the India, from small start up businesses focused on a new invention idea to large-scale companies that work on immense contracts. Engineers from different fields constantly work together to create successful products.

A Post Graduate course in Transportation Engineering and Management has also been started from 2012. The department strives for the holistic development of the students using modern means & methods of interactive teaching-learning process.

  • Transportation Engg. Lab oratory
  • strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Survey Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engg Laboratory
  • Environmental Engg Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Theory of Structures Laboratory
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Geology Laboratory
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete Laboratory
  • Building Construction & Material Laboratory

Courses Offered

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