Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • Department of Extc Engineering

Electronics & telecommunication engineering plays a vital role in almost every field in the age of Information and technology. Electronics is the study, application and control of the scientific phenomenon concerned with flow of electrical current. Telecommunication sector involves the telephone industry, computer industry, microwave radio systems, satellite communications, earth stations using satellite dishes, cellular phones industry. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a field that involves complex electronic apparatus, circuits and equipments that helps in executing speedy and efficient telecommunication systems. These engineers design, fabricate, maintain, supervise and manufacture electronic equipments used in entertainment industry, computer industry, communication and defense. Ever increasing pace of development in electronics, audio and video communications systems and the automation in industry have made an electronic engineer a channel for the change of the modern society.

Telecommunication Engineering lays greater stress on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge about electronic devices and circuits, computer architecture and microprocessors, VLSI and embedded systems, electromagnetic field theory, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, microwave and broadband communications.

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication was established in 2008 with a vision of imparting state of the art education in the cutting edge technologies of the world. Here the students are given more practical exposures and innovative methodologies for the design and development in the electronics field, which is the backbone for all Engineering disciplines. The students of the department have excelled in the University examinations. The department is always at the forefront of technology and to keep the knowledge updated it has organized several activities like guest lectures, Seminars and workshops.

Dr.R.M. Deshmukh is heading the department. The department is well balanced with senior, young and dynamic staff.

List of Laboratories

  • Electronics Circuit Lab
  • Switching and Digital circuit lab.
  • Communication system & Microwave lab.
  • Electrical engineering lab.
  • Simulation lab.
  • Instrumentation and control system lab.

Salient Features:-

  • Department is having 3 floors building, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, creating a wonderful learning ambience.
  • Highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty.
  • Wi-Fi campus.
  • Seminar Rooms.
  • Departmental library.
  • Department is having two student forum.
    o ISTE Student Chapter.
    o IETE Student Chapter.
  • Workshops and Technical events are arranged regularly.
  • In house campus training for students.

Future objectives:-

  • To achieve recognition from the Industry and to increase industry-institute interaction.
  • To improve placement scenario.
  • To maintain exceptionally good results.
  • To support faculty members for quality improvement.
  • To conduct education program for faculty and students.
  • To upgrade the Laboratories as per changes in syllabi and modernization.

Career Scope:-

In the modern world of the technology, the telecommunication industry has motivated technological innovation and provided exceptional career opportunities for people with the right technical
and leadership proficiency. These Engineers get job in central government, state government and their sponsored corporation in public sector and in all wings of armed forces and also the
private organization A telecommunication engineer could be employed with the Ministry of Communication, radio, television, and information and broadcasting sectors and for railways
or police wireless organizations, mobile phone service providers, cable, and satellite networks, defense-related organizations and by private companies manufacturing electronic, digital
and radio equipment, VLSI and Embedded system designing , Servicing and maintenance of electronics equipment .Multimedia services are opening up communication possibilities and
therefore a number of employment prospects will arise upcoming opportunities in the future.

Courses Offered

Extc intake